08/21/19 – OG3 & Unpopular Keyboard Opinions!

Yep, Josh had some weird audio stuff going on this time–unheard of, I know and I’m so sorry! Excuse his (my) clipping audio. We sorted most of it out in post, but some remains. My apologies to your ears ahead of time. <3

Show follows suit from last week, except we dive into a popular r/MK post regarding unpopular opinions. We even share our own, discuss some drama that’s going on (as usual), and more.

No guest this week as we wanted a streamlined episode for this discussion, but coming up in the next few weeks will be some big announcements (CAMERAS MAYBE!?) and new content!

Also if you are a patron, keep your eyes on OTC.FM as the patron only section will be going live soon.

See you all next week!

EDIT: Podcast starts around 3 minutes in, not sure what’s up with the dead air at the start!

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